Astronomy Tools – Comparison

Astronomy Tools $21.95 for a set of 34 PS Scripts/Functions.

Whilst improving on my imaging and tracking the night sky with my 1100d and now 200p mounted on an HEQ5, I have constantly been battling with GIMP and Photoshop to improve the look of my images (after stacking).

I came across Astronomy Tools which for the $22 I had to try.

First under the test was the image of the M13 (Hercules Global Cluster). Below is are 2 images (both started out as 39 x 20s lights + darks & bias subs – stacked in DSS).


The first image is after an hour of trial and error within PS…looks nice, but I could not tell you how I got there !

(click for full JPG image)

M13 – PS Adjusted – Manually




The following image is 5 minutes work with the Astronomy Tools… im sure with a further attempt I could improve this more.

I like this image as it has more ‘colour’ within the stars themselves with slight diffraction’s. The central area of the cluster all looks less of a haze with individual stars being more prominent.

(click for full JPG image)


M13 – PS Adjusted – Astronomy Tools


M52 – Astronomy Tools






For a quick test run I have happy with the results so far, obviously as I learn more about the specific functions I should see even more improvements…. next I’ll be testing these on a range of images (M45 and of course the moon)

Stayed tuned.

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