Bucket list – setup

The night sky contains 1000’s of stars and observable objects along with many more which are not view-able to the naked eye. Reading various magazines and forum posts I keep saying to myself  ‘that looks interesting’, or more often than not – ‘WOW’, whilst promising myself that I will attempt to view the object myself…..this has amounted to various ‘must see’ notes being kept.


So rather than keeping scraps of paper, notes, clippings I thought I would make use of my website to keep a list of ‘objects’ to try and catch either visually or even better (if possible) an image of each.


Against each item on the list I am going to record if I have:

a) visually observed it using my 200p Dob.

b) imaged it using my DSLR and 50mm f/1.8 lens (nifty fifty) and / or imaged with DSLR attached to the t/scope via a t-ring.

(further setup details on my ‘About Page‘)


Once I win the lottery I am looking to purchase a tracking mount which will add a further d) ‘tracked’ to the list.


Whilst the bucket list will grow and grow, I will also be using it as a record for my observations.


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