Moon – 2nd November 2012

This was one of the first ‘Moon’ images that I took through my 200p Dob’scope and certainly the first that I have processed.

Amazing the extra detail that can be brought out with a little bit of processing.

Further improvements – possibly could have used less exposure on the original and the on going learning curve of image processing – never mind the challenges of astrophotography !


Original dated – 2/11/12 (91% visible)

Taken afocal using Panasonic DMC-TZ30 through 200p Dobsonian.

1/80 exposure time, 1 image.

2/11/12 ‘Moon’ image (original)

    (click for actual image file)



Using GIMP

i) Rotated correctly

ii) Used GMIC sharpen(deconvolution)

iii) Tweaked curves and HUE.

2/11/12 ‘Moon’ image (processed)

    (click for actual image file)

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